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September 7 1995


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Critic session with Véronique Nichanian. September 7 1995. Parsons School of Design Fashion Critic Direction Audio Recordings. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 18 Jul 2019


In this audio recording, fashion designer Véronique Nichanian of Hermès leads a menswear fashion direction. With the assistance of a translator, she asks the class to imagine the future of men's clothing, encouraging them to "break the rules," to play with new materials to make simple, modern clothes that are comfortable yet dressy, and to depart from the uniformity and conservatism of men's clothing. Students then ask questions. A discussion about how casual dress often leads to sloppiness ensues. Nichanian is mostly audible, but a constant background static noise makes discerning other voices difficult. In the fashion show program, this project is titled, "Menswear with an Edge."