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Tracy Reese (was created by)


September 8 1995


Parsons Institutional Collections



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Critic session with Tracy Reese. September 8 1995. Parsons School of Design Fashion Critic Direction Audio Recordings. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 16 Jul 2019


In this audio recording, Parsons School of Design alumna and fashion designer Tracy Reese discusses her project concept, "3-D Dresses." The dresses are to exhibit volume and shape, and should be modern and "architectural." Reese discusses different shapes, fabric types, and colors. Students then ask questions about the project while Reese shows them books for inspiration. Reese advises that she wants to see the students' research in their designs. While Reese's voice is audible, it is difficult to hear student voices. Background noise is present throughout the recording. In the fashion show program, this project is titled, "3-D Dresses."