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Isaac Mizrahi (speaker)


October 12 1995


In this audio recording, Parsons School of Design alumnus and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi discusses his prompt for a student project that focuses on luxury, sophistication, and originality. The concept is to create "one very expensive thing." Mizrahi states that he was considering calling the project, "Geezer," because he is inspired by the clothes worn by older women, but settles on "Ah, Luxury." Mizrahi pre-emptively confesses to elitism, and adamantly objects to anything trendy or "young." He speaks extensively on the status of luxury, what it means to him, and wants students to question their understanding of the concept. Mizrahi praises a production of Robert Wilson's Alice at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Students then ask questions about the project. In the fashion show program, this project is titled, "Ah, Luxury!"





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