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Jeffrey Banks (depicts)


October 1994


Parsons Institutional Collections



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Critic session with Jeffrey Banks. October 1994. Parsons School of Design Fashion Critic Direction Audio Recordings. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 18 Jul 2019


In this audio recording, fashion designer and Parsons School of Design alumnus Jeffrey Banks discusses with students the details of a group project called "Camel Country." Students working under Banks' direction will create sportswear using three colors: camel, whiskey, and/or palomino. A question and answer session follows Banks' project description, during which students ask Banks and their instructors, possibly Marie Essex and Frank Rizzo, about the project. Students then proceed to work in groups before reconvening to discuss the outcomes of group work with Banks. The recorder is running for the duration of the class. In the fashion show program, this project is titled, "Camel Country."