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Michael Kalil Oral History Project ➔ Audio interview with Karyn Issa Ginsberg


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Audio interview with Karyn Issa Ginsberg. May 19 2011. Michael Kalil Oral History Project. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 18 Jul 2019

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Interviewed by archivist Jennifer Larson at Gimbel Library at Parsons School of Design. Karyn Issa Ginsberg discusses her upbringing in Montreal, Quebec. She describes her work with experiential and non-traditional methods of education, including her graduate degree in art history, as well as her eventual “apprenticeship,” collaboration, and partnership with Michael Kalil, based out of his studio on 76th Street. Kalil’s work with the Open Atelier of Architecture and Design is described, as well as his designs of space station interiors developed for NASA, his residency at Skowhegan, and work flow at the studio. Also discussed are design studios and clients with which Kalil frequently interacted, including V’Soske, designers of architectural rugs, and Armstrong Industries. Ginsberg elaborates on architects and designers who influenced Kalil, including Louis Kahn, Antoni Gaudi, and Buckminster Fuller. Several New York Times articles on Kalil are mentioned.