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Michael Kalil Oral History Project ➔ Audio interview with Jean Gardner



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Audio interview with Jean Gardner. June 11 2011. Michael Kalil Oral History Project. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 24 Jul 2019

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Interviewed by archivist Jennifer Larson at Gimbel Library at Parsons School of Design. Jean McClintock Gardner describes her upbringing in the Midwest, and her education in New York City at Columbia University. She discusses Michael Kalil’s interest in experiential and non-traditional methods of education, the influence of architects Ward Bennett and James Lovelock, as well as his work with the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York. Gardner mentions Angelo and Charlotte Abbate. Also mentioned are Kalil collaborators architects Keith Critchlow and Michael Kriegh, and historian Robert Lawlor. Kalil’s designs of space station interiors, developed for NASA, are discussed, as well as his interest in sacred geometry, quantum architecture, and the Gaia hypothesis, which theorizes that organisms interact with inorganic matter to manifest a self-regulating environment.