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May 13 1994


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Interview with Frank Rizzo. May 13 1994. Parsons School of Design Centenary Oral History Project. New School Archives and Special Collections Digital Archive. Web. 20 Aug 2019

Description TRANSCRIPT

Frank Rizzo, Chairman of the Fashion Design Department of Parsons School of Design, discusses his experiences as a Parsons student in the 1950s under Ann Keagy, his professional design career, and his return to Parsons as an instructor. He describes his first years as a faculty member, learning to teach with Theresa Chiappetta and educating many students who would later become respected professionals, including Donna Karan, Louis Dell’Olio, Michael Vollbracht, Willi Smith, and Constance Saunders. He recounts the history of the annual Parsons fashion show and its growth in fame. In describing current challenges, Rizzo acknowledges the growing enrollment of Asian students and the introduction of computer technology into fashion design curriculum. Rizzo and Sawin are briefly joined by a third speaker, identified only as "Bill," who may be William Rancitelli. Martica Sawin recorded this interview with Frank Rizzo in the offices of the Fashion Design Department during an end-of-the-year party.