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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2017 (PC020404.16) ➔ Lit by Design 1.0: Let's Light Your Home!


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Sarah Dlinn (designer)
Nathalie Rozot (thesis advisor)
Francesca Bastianini (thesis advisor)




The term “architectural lighting design” is not a familiar phrase to professionals working in the fields of design for the constructed environment. Unfortunately, within the design profession there are many who place lighting into their projects without knowing the implications that light can have on the user in that space. Lighting, in general, is hardly a focus when designing home interiors, aside perhaps for its aesthetic presence. As a lighting designer, or as one who has studied light, the importance of lighting in an environment is a crucial consideration for its use and implementation, its role, however “is ‘invisible’ to the general public.” Light effects how a space is defined, perceived and how it a user feels within its influence. Light can have physical and psychological impacts on users in a space, affecting moods, circadian rhythms and overall health and wellbeing. In order to address the under-representation of lighting and lighting design, visual guidelines that are graphically communicated in a simple and informative manner can be a useful tool. This can help homeowners and designers begin to realize the importance of quality lighting in their interior environments and also begin to familiarize them with basic lighting terms and components. An easily accessible tool, such as a mobile app, can help to create this public awareness by providing a basic understanding of how lighting plays a fundamental role in the way their space is used and perceived while educating the user how to integrate lighting within their surrounding aesthetics according to their needs. This information can be applicable to all interior environments, expanding lighting knowledge and awareness to a wider demographic regardless of prior knowledge or economic standing.



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