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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2017 (PC020404.16) ➔ Shrinking the Bubble: Lighting Design to Reduce Stress in Densely Populated Spaces


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Sudtida Benchahiransak (designer)
Craig Bernecker (thesis advisor)
Glenn Shrum (thesis advisor)




The interest of this thesis is to find lighting solution that counteract the anxiety associated with loss of personal space in a crowded situation. I am taking on an issue that is a primary concern in urban areas and that would have a strong impact on most people. Because the vast majority of people live in a very small area of the world’s surface especially in the cities, crowding occurs more frequently in urban environment. Each individual’s personal space becomes easily invaded and it possibly leads to a social problem such as crowding. One of the most negative consequences of being crowded is high stress. Therefore the improvement of life quality and providing psychological comfort in the densely populated space is necessary. For this reason, I want to see what potential light might have in reducing the stress without changing the amount of crowding in the urban environment.



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