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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2017 (PC020404.16) ➔ Spatial Perception of Texture and Associated Emotion


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Paola Bernal Argüelles (designer)
Craig Bernecker (thesis advisor)
Glenn Shrum (thesis advisor)




Lighting is known to influence physiological and psychological wellbeing. As designers, we should push the boundaries beyond the immediate visual perception process, recognizing that a Foot-candle is not always the same Foot-candle. Meaning that the perception of lighting as deployed in space is determined by several variable factors beyond the amount of light over the surface (spatial composition, materiality, light distribution and personal experience). This thesis began by challenging our current approach to lighting design, based highly on designing for quantity and visual performance, and proposing an alternate process, driven by human perception and desired emotional response to space.



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