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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2017 (PC020404.16) ➔ Light, Color, and Shadow: Experiencing Colored Light and Shadow Phenomena


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Min Young Kim (designer)
Peter M. Wheelwright (thesis advisor)
Brooke Silber (thesis advisor)
Glenn Shrum (thesis advisor)




Many vacant lots can be found in East Harlem. However, they are rarely taken advantage of as a means of improving local residents’ quality of life. At 1650 and 1651 Madison Ave., two diagonally adjacent neighborhood lots are designed for various atmospheric daylight phenomena in a colored light and shadow interplay with each other. Appropriating various atmospheric daylight phenomena – such as dappled light, water reflections, and the wash of warm vermillion sunsets – Daylight & Shadow Parks will distribute diurnal and nocturnal light through the horizontal and vertical structures, offering residents opportunities to commune within a choreography of a range of colorful light and shadow or to witness its spectacle from a neighborly distance.



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