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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2017 (PC020404.16) ➔ The Facade: The Exploration and Manipulation of Roof


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Adrian Carvajal (designer)
David Lewis (thesis advisor)
Craig Bernecker (thesis advisor)
Paul Goldberger (thesis advisor)
Glenn Shrum (thesis advisor)




No building is complete without a roof. A roof is the most important and essential structural element of the home and property, which I see as the fifth façade. This surface is vital in a building, because you can have shelters without walls, but you can’t have shelters without a roof. In most cases the roof is only considered as a plane of protection, which becomes the last piece to be designed. My thesis is the investigation and exploration of the fifth façade, which could allow a new kind of interpretation, consideration and manipulation of this surface in a way that the overall project can be seen and read as a whole element, creating a hierarchy with respect to the other facades. The incorporation of this surface with other aspects such as the tectonics, daylight, electric light, natural elements and proposed program will work in a connected manner that in the end each of these characteristics become part of each other. The fact that my site in New York Bay is adjacent to an existing natural element which is the Hudson River, allows me to explore the marine life and propose a Marine Research Center as part of the selected program. It is essential also to understand and incorporate other aspects where human being is not in control of not happening, such as floods which are unpredictable, but rather it should be considered as a positive aspect that can be part of the project.



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