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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2016 (PC020404.15) ➔ Mourning With Light: Exploring The Relationship Of Light, Space & Emotion And How It Can Support The Healing Process Of A Grieving Person


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Nura A. Venta (designer)
Nathalie Rozot (thesis advisor)




My thesis explores the relationship with light and emotion and how one can serve the other in order to support and potentially benefit the process of mourning. Grieving is a universal and crucial process of life that is a struggle for humanity and there have been numerous psychological studies on light and emotion that recognize lights therapeutic qualities and its ability to affects people’s experience of a space, influence their health, well-being and mood. Hence, light can and should be as essential to the process of grieving as grieving is an essential part of life.

My intention is to have distributed “light pods” that provide a cathartic experience for the grieving persons. The project will involve creating an emotional outlet for those who are grieving by activating and heightening their emotions through visual stimulation, involving sequence, scale and movement related to light, space and emotion. The potential benefit will serve the user so they are able to self-express in order to feel relief. The lighting of the space will act as an important cue that activates their emotions and the perception of their surrounding through synchronized stages.



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