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Junrui Wang (designer)
Alexa Griffith Winton (thesis advisor)




China’s contemporary architecture is lacking of distinguished authentic lighting design due to a variety of reasons. The absence of this basic element-lighting design-has result in a generic space quality so called international style.

Vernacular architecture of China offer space with unique light qualities via their tectonics, which follow the logic of domestic living conditions such as climate, environment, construction technique, social/cultural factors, as a result, that forms the characteristic architecture knowledge of China. My statement is that lighting as a constructive element in the space should integrate with the tectonics and reveal each other’s logic as well as beauty.

I intend to create a systematic analysis for why and how should we recapture the ancient light. A practical scheme will be invented to test a possible future of Chinese architectural lighting.

The motivation of my thesis also gets inspired by the design trend among the Asian designers. Two of the biggest lighting related competitions in the world- Velux and eVolo- reflects a shift from international style to local characteristics in design. Through analysis, the percentage of Asian designers winning these two competitions is increasing year by year. More importantly, most of their ideas are identified as traditional/local/ancient, etc. Influenced by this design wave, my design desire starts to look for the root- the country I had been lived for more than 20 years- China.



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