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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2012 (PC020404.11) ➔ Culture As A Guide To Activate Public Spaces By The Means Of Color Enhanced By Light


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Coralis Melendez (designer)
Brooke Carter (thesis advisor)




Puerto Rico is in constant battle against colonization since the beginning of the twentieth century. It has been struggling to maintain its rich culture. As a Puerto Rican native, having a background in architecture and currently studying in New York as an emerging lighting designer has made me aware of the importance of light and the fact that people should embrace their heritage by creating spaces that will enliven their uniqueness and celebrate their culture. Public spaces in Puerto Rico are crucial areas that lighting designers should address. As my thesis proposal, the Plaza de Armas in Old San Juan, PR will perform an abstraction of the play “Los Soles Truncos” (Truncated Suns) to reconnect its history and culture to the site by creating a modulation of light intensities and color temperatures on the vibrant facades surrounding the plaza to enjoy my re-interpretation of the play and the importance in culture. I will revive and celebrate culture and history will be fully invested on site. Light will be the means by which Puerto Rican heritage will be brought back. Light will also enlighten up a historical public space to invigorate social interaction and invite people to stay.



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