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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2011 (PC020404.10) ➔ Light, Space, Action: The Use of Natural Light and Color Medium to Enhance the Visual and Temporal Experience of Space


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Nathaniel Bartos (designer)
Alexa Griffith Winton (thesis advisor)
Nathalie Rozot (thesis advisor)
Peter M. Wheelwright (thesis advisor)
Derek Porter (thesis advisor)




Imagine waking up on a dreary overcast day- how do you generally feel? Is it hard to get out of bed? Now imagine waking up as yellow light filters through the bedroom window, is it easier to meet the day? Today, architects and lighting designers focus on building performance. We often forget how color and light affect the people we design for. Theater, historically a potent medium for expressing social issues, has used color and light for centuries to stimulate emotional reactions from the audience. Inspired by the importance of colored light within this discipline, this thesis will explore the cultural and symbolic response of natural and artificial colored light in building design. This thesis will explore how color and daylight can be used to shape the experience of architectural space. Through the project I proposes the use of glass and color medium as an added dimension to the overall design of spaces, thereby increasing the pleasure of those who inhabit them.



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