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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2011 (PC020404.10) ➔ The Poetic Narrative Of Light And Darkness: Underground Space and the Tragedy of Victor Jara


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Matias Lopez (designer)
Peter M. Wheelwright (thesis advisor)




In essence, Architecture is itself a form of lighting design. Every architectural operation or decision that is made has the capacity to affect and manipulate light, making it pass from a passive, to an active state. Light, on the other hand, has the power to transform the objectivity of architectural space into something subjective, adding to the space a poetic component, which allows us to experience the poetic and metaphysical dimension of architecture. The underground space, possibly better than any other context, challenges this relationship and symbiosis between space and natural light in perhaps the most intense way. It is in underground contexts, or, by extension, spaces that present darkness as an original condition, where light and shadow can acquire the strongest expressive and symbolic condition, becoming a central component in the eventual development of a specific narrative and experience within space. Through the design of a memorial to celebrate the figure and the artistic legacy of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara, (tragically killed after the state coup occurred on September 11, 1973) and by the study of disciplinary tools like contrast relations and the physical manipulation of light, this work attempts to explore this expressive and narrative dimension of light and its ability, in combination with architectural matter, to symbolize or abstract a specific sequence of events by the language of design.



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