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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2011 (PC020404.10) ➔ Body, Control, Source: In the Junctions of Broadway


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Jason Jeunette (designer)
Derek Porter (thesis advisor)




The interaction of human with any lighting control consists of a gesture (an action) and a receiver (button, slider, sensor, etc.) Over time, with the development of technology, the physical size of the receiver, and its associated gesture, has decreased dramatically. With that decrease in physical distance there has been a corresponding increase in metaphysical distance. The dominant form of lighting control has gone from holding a burning stick with our hand and arm to flipping a switch with our hand to pushing a button, either physical or virtual, with our finger. The result of this change is that, we have lost the direct sensory connection we once had between Body and Source. To the caveman, Body was Control. To the modern human, Control is separate from the Body. It is this change that greatly contributes to the cognitive disconnect and lack of understanding that most users have with Advanced Lighting Control systems.



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