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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2009 (PC020404.08) ➔ Daylight: A Redefined Architectural Element


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Maria Alexandra Petra (designer)




In my thesis I argued that in current architecture practice daylight is in the process of being redefined, through new advanced digital tools and materials. Through my design thesis, my objective is to use daylight as a key element to generate dynamic, experiential and sustainable qualities of space in an used site in the city. My goal is to reform and re-identify an unused site-space in between existing buildings, by designing a new architectural device that will act as connector through light; this device has the potential to act as a daylight and energy provider for adjacent buildings through its program and formal qualities It is my intent to readdress the urban context below and around my integrated space, through the buildings presence during the day as well as at night. By forming this device according to its site orientation and climate conditions, I will attempt to maximize the daylight penetration in the site – in the nearby buildings and at the street level - and at the same time create a new program that could well function in this light conditions. At the same time, I want to also investigate its presence in the site and the new urban conditions that will be created in this alley through the use of electrical light.



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