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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2009 (PC020404.08) ➔ Storytelling through Light


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Eugene Heo (designer)




Because light has the capacity to convey mood and meaning, it can be used as a narrative device in architectural space. Like structure or material, light should participate in the language of architecture by establishing information about program, Facilitation of function (way finding), emotion about place and sense of time (history). Present Chelsea Market block had been built as former office and factory buildings of National Biscuit Company, it used to be a number of separate buildings but now it is connected as one building since 1998 and there are still remaining historical features all over the space that tells the history of the architecture, however lighting seems to be overlooked in this process of story telling. I intend to tell the history of this building by redefining the building structure, rebuilding the disappeared structural elements and recreating the space characteristics (indoor and outdoor) with light as it was in 1930s, since it was the most significant time of NABISCO. In this thesis I would like to prove that light could be used as a storytelling tool in architectural space like other architectural elements such as structure and material.



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