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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2009 (PC020404.08) ➔ Designing the Lit Environment as a Communication Tool within the: Pervasive Developmentally Disordered Population


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Brianna Elizabeth McMenemy (designer)




In the quickly developing field of modern lighting design, design parameters and limits need to be discovered and set regarding the positive fostering of communication through design. Autism is a multi-sensory-affected epidemic, and its treatments and causes are approached from a multi-sensory angle. Except in the case of lighting, where there is a notable disconnect in the study of lighting and its affect on Autism and treatment. I argue that lighting design when applied to the learning environments of the Autistic population can foster communication, promote learning and increase overall comfort and well-being with the classroom environment. I studied the neurological affects of light on the Autistic eye as well as the effects of light from a more psychological and behavioral vantage point that included classroom experimentation in sources, CRI, spectral distribution, daylight and positioning to formulate a set of parameters that begin to provide guidelines for intelligent design. I am developing a methodological system and approach to communication-intelligent lighting design within the school system with which I am advocating a design-based approach to communication intervention for the first time where such an approach or system does not currently exist.



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