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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2009 (PC020404.08) ➔ Eastern Light: A Study of Expressing Eastern Philosophy with Electric Lighting Design in Contemporary Architecture


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Ai-Ling Liu (designer)




Traditional Eastern architecture, similar to other ancient Eastern art forms, has embodied the teachings and philosophies of those cultures to direct people’s behavior, perspectives and attitudes through visual and physical experiences. There are architectural design strategies utilized to promote self-cultivation in everyday life. However, the embodiment of Eastern philosophies in Eastern architecture has been lost with the advent of global modern architecture. My thesis focuses on four spatial characteristics found in the investigation of traditional Eastern architecture: infinity/ horizontality, emptiness/ simplicity, nature/humility and hierarchy/sequence. I will argue that it is possible to interpret these spatial characteristics through electric lighting design in order to reveal and inject timeless Eastern philosophies into a modern architectural environment.



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