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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2008 (PC020404.07) ➔ A Children's Library: Light and Creative Learning


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Jie Soo Tchah (designer)




In the library, light not only has a function of brightening the space, but also has a profound effect on children’s behavior. Light source, installation method, brightness, and color temperature have a huge impact on children’s behavior, emotions, and education. The lighting environment in the children’s area of public libraries should be different from adult libraries to address the particular physiognomy and learning requirements of children. Therefore, my thesis is that lighting has an effect on children’s behavior, emotions, and education.

My site is Jefferson Market Library, one of the branches of the New York Public Library, located at 425 Avenue of Americas. designed by Giorgio Cavaglieri in 1875 the Victorian Gothic style. The first floor is used for the children’s library. It supports daylight and electrical light as major components to create playful and imaginative environment for children. Moreover, lighting design solutions are different by different age of group according to their physical and psychological development and activities. My goal is that children would have a more imaginative experience at the library, and that the lighting conditions at the library would enhance their experience, and hence their overall education.



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