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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2008 (PC020404.07) ➔ Light and Glass


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Chung-Jung Liao (designer)
Enrique Peiniger (thesis advisor)
Alexa Griffith Winton (thesis advisor)
Nathalie Rozot (thesis advisor)
Peter M. Wheelwright (thesis advisor)
Derek Porter (thesis advisor)




Inspired by Bruno Taut’s “glowing lantern,” the glass architecture image at night, my thesis project examines a new lighting design approach for glass architecture. By breaking the architecture boundary with glass, the lighting scheme for the glass architecture should be consider from the aspect of whole since any single light source will become part of external appearance inevitably, for there is no physical (solid) wall to block the light. In sum, the lighting design for the interior will become the external appearance for glass architecture.

Using glass, with its literal or complex transparencies, the boundary between interior and exterior can be easily demolished. This project explores how the functional interior lighting scheme can be transform to a dynamic appearance for the glass architecture during the night. A process of redesign of the South Façade space for the Parsons design school facility on 25th East 13th Street NYC is presented to demonstrate the possibility to integrate lighting design with glass structure. My goal is to show with the design process start from the close examination to program, lighting designer can transform the most practical light scheme such as circulation lighting to a unique lighting identity at night for the glass architecture.

With a transparency skin, the architecture program will be exposed to public especially during the night. The internal lighting scheme will be seen and interpret as the identity of the architecture. Same with the façade lighting for a brick building this distinctive individuality reflect by the light within communicates the value of the program owner to the public. The clearest example of the nighttime identity create by light is the Time Square New York. The glittering light façade reflect the flourishing commercial activities. The idea of nighttime architecture identity create by the lighting shift from the decorative façade lighting to the functional interior lighting is the phenomenon I try to investigate in my thesis.



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