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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2007 (PC020404.06) ➔ Dynamic Roadway Lighting


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Kalpana Patel (designer)
Alexa Griffith Winton (thesis advisor)




In the world of science and technology interest in the issues of sustainability and environmentalism has increased by leaps and bounds. In an era when energy crisis is the most talked about issue, roadway lighting should not be left unspoken. Roadway Lighting is one of the major consumers of states energy resources. It can be more energy efficient and safe if a context based strategic design approach is undertaken. Today we need roadway lighting which stresses on comfort aspects along with better vision. It is high time now that the roadway lighting standards gets further enriched by incorporating a lighting system as sustainable and liberate us from the energy crisis. Science and technology are run by the drivers of environmentalism and new developments in photovoltaic cells and sensor technology can be a powerful tool for our facilities. The purpose of my thesis this semester is to study these aspects of roadway lighting design and propose design solutions in the current lighting scheme by utilizing the physical site conditions and enhancing the vision of the motorists and direct them to their destination on time. This project is just the beginning of my exploration in the field. The design solutions suggested here are while keeping in mind the future when the technologies would be available for general use without a second thought. My main idea of the design is to harmonize the skyline and the view of Manhattan and its boroughs while driving. The design solutions should not over power the driving experience but cohesive with the context.



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