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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses1994 (PC020404.04) ➔ Lighting Planning for Complex Shopping Facilities: Centered on Environmental Lighting Sculpture Including Display Concept


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Woosung Park (designer)
Chou Lien (thesis advisor)
Linnaea Tillet (thesis advisor)
Robert Prouse (thesis advisor)




Since ancient times, mankind has had a clear contrast between day and night and has cultivated a personal philosophy and culture. In this process, the artificial “light” in the dark world was the symbol of culture, which illuminated the realm of the unknown. Since discovering fire for the first time, whenever a new light such as the oil lamp, gas lamp, arc lamp, and incandescent lamp appeared, human beings were deeply moved and believed they hinted at a great change in their lived and culture.
Moreover, light which was, for example, a “symbol of peace”, and an attractive stimulation in religious activity, provided a feeling of relief and guaranteed security for everything from pedestrians to ships at sea. Today, light has come to reflect a basic feature of the city, representing a comfortable night life.

When relating this to the night of Seoul City in Korea, on the other hand, the night of Seoul is brilliant and produces partially bright feeling. But most of the brightness is due to the street lights and car head lights; it is questionable whether this is comfortable for people walking on the side walks.

Commercial lighting is another thing that us seen by us. And neon-lights, lighting for signs, and lighting for decoration placed arbitrarily around the shopping district also creates visual confusion for us. Is it really so difficult a matter to present light for pedestrians in Seoul by using a 10 feet level of height appropriate to human scale, to match the intervals of lighting appliances with the walking speed, and create flexible light sources?

Let us think for a moment about the nigh view in cities like Paris or London. Historical structures like churches and City Hall, which are illuminated by nearby floodlights; landmarks radiating light like water foundations and monuments; and lighting in shopping malls for pedestrians walking or resting represent a beautiful view of the city at night.

If we compare Europe to Seoul, we find, generally, a dark quality to Seoul. Regarding this, the issue that many people first raise about scenic lighting at night is the relationship between lighting and saving energy. Of course, we must avoid the energy waste of reckless lighting, but we can say that we make the city conditions beautiful by using remaining energy at night effectively and illuminating for citizens by the rational use of energy. We can say that the present situation of Seoul’s urban lighting is now in its beginning stages when compared with European or American cities.

In this situation, this research is going to try to conduct historical, general matters about C.S.F. as one of main factors of urban scene, and to study several subjects about illumination. The final intent based on the research is to design environmental lighting sculpture using display concept which can make new atmosphere harmonized with current urban scene of Seoul to a chose C.S.F.



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