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Mario Accumanno (designer)
Irv Belinkoff (thesis advisor)
George LaPolice (thesis advisor)


circa 1994


This paper along with the submitted prototype potentially brings to market a product which will aid the user in reading and also help reduce the deterioration of the current level of accommodation present in the user. 

The device is a low cost product which works on the principle of increasing acuity by using the principles of increased illumination, enhanced contrast, magnification, reduced eye movement and color. 

Magnification is adjustable and increased from a 1.5:1 to 2:1 vertical ratio. Color of the text is in the 550 nm wave length. The unit uses a 4-watt fluorescent tube. The housing of the product is black as to increase the contrast ratio between the illuminated portion and the surrounds (body). The product is completely portable and works off batteries (4 AA) or an AC wall outlet via a 6 VDC Converter.

This product, if produces can sell at retail for approximately $60.00



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