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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses1992 (PC020404.02) ➔ The Process of Comparing and Selecting Lamps in Architectural Lighting Design Evaluation and Suggestions


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Daniel Edenbaum (designer)
Noel Florence (thesis advisor)
Warren Hutchin (thesis advisor)
Robert Prouse (thesis advisor)
Lee Waldron (thesis advisor)




Since it began in 1881 the electric light source market has grown from one choice, into a market with several thousand choices. As a result, the process of comparing and selecting a light source has become much more intricate. For lighting designers the methods used by lamp manufacturers, to present their data, are ineffective in this process. Their methodology fails to convey the full extent of the products available, in an adequately comprehensive manner. This dissertation suggests new ways to facilitate this comparison/selection process. The goal is to enable a designer to readily see the full extent of what is available, from all manufacturers, and thereby quickly make lamp selections.



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