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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2011 (PC020403.07) ➔ Untitled Thesis Project


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Sam D. Rivers (photographer)


August 2011


As a student of a media that is always on the precipice of change and re-imagining it occurs to me to speak of my work based off of my instincts and intuition as well as my curiosity and quest to have as much fun as possible while figuring out my thesis. To me working on my art must come from a very primordial place, an un-evolved location somewhere deep in my skull, if I think about what I’m doing too much it becomes pointless for me to investigate. However when I go out to explore and find something that is of interest, that is when the idea comes into my brain that I must investigate it, obsess over it. I grew up in a world where art and creativity wasn't so much surrounding me as much as it was the oxygen I breathed. It was impossible for me to imagine a world where anything couldn't be viewed as a creative endeavor. I can still remember one summer when I was away at summer camp my father called me to explain that I had to work on my handwriting, his advice was to think of the pen as a brush and the paper canvas, that’s a prime example of how the everyday was art to me. My formal education in “art” started the day I began at Parsons The New School for Design, before that what I learned I learned through the osmosis of simply existing in a creative broth of having both parents being active artists.



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