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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2010 (PC020403.06) ➔ Untitled Thesis Project


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Sabine Mirlesse (photographer)


May 2010


My photographic project has been thus far an accumulation of images over the past two years as I ask individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and situations to take me 'home' with them to a place they feel they come from. There they find spaces that once were and/or often family members that they once had a relationship with. The work is an exploration of memory and emotion as it relates to origins or indeed even imagined origins (imagined in the sense of how childhood can be often recalled with a certain magic, fantasy, or exaggerated inaccuracy), and specifically how these origins relate to our present selves. Photography inherently stresses a presence of both the past and the present reality of things as no other medium can, and in the same way that the photograph automatically creates distance, physically and chronologically from the viewer and yet can interpellate him/her instantly in the immediate moment, so I choose photography to try to articulate the very feeling of what it is like to return to a reality that is so very far away and yet unmistakably present in the way it molded you. The photograph itself often appears like a ghost, revisiting a life that once was, and yet simultaneously somehow possesses all the very real warmth, familiarity, and intensity of the living persons that it may document, at a moment both young and older, both dead and living. My fascination is with capturing the past and present of people’s lives simultaneously, and in doing so, suggesting a kind of overarching transcendence.



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