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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Chrissy Lush (photographer)


May 2010


My home is an extension of me. It encompasses my entire life. It holds my past in the form of pictures, objects, and memories and it hints at my future. I feel its warmth and comfort as it protects me. It watches over me, often more than I over it. It is in this space that I must confront my true self on a daily basis. It is where my fears are often acted out. A broken vase, some spilt milk and a drain caked in soap scum are all possible scenarios of the everyday. In focusing on these subtle moments I isolate these events in an attempt to highlight and elevate this chaos. They are the short stories of my life that represent a moment where the internal and external collide. That is to say where my anxieties manifest themselves in these physical objects. I am interested in how we structure our own reality. The objects that we surround ourselves with, the relationships that we commit to and the spaces that we create for ourselves help shape our existence. I question how these all come together and what limitations, if any they put on us. Most importantly I am interested in how we react to the circumstances of our own creation.



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