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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2009 (PC020403.05) ➔ Concealed at first at last I appear


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Amy Theiss Giese (photographer)


May 2009


Enter the room. Captured light, both its absence and excess, is arrested, hanging on the wall. There is a compression of time and space encapsulated in these impressions that references the constant, ongoing emergence of the past, which can never fully materialize. Shadows are stilled, seized, lost. Scrolls of paper in varying lengths hang from the walls. The shifting shades of gray move across the surface. Patterns repeat, shapes emerge then recede, sometimes revealing their referent, other times remaining elusive. Embedded in each scroll is an abstracted compression of an experience, yet they also simultaneously hold the direct reference to the actual space and time—light written, recorded, captured by an alchemical process. Nearby, in the artificial silence of headphones, faint sounds build, moments where it all seems recognizable, then the tones shift, drift and they move away, disappear. The sounds of a space, in a space, expand over a specific period of time that relates to the original experience, the time referenced in the shadows. Awareness develops that there is a correlation between what is seen and what is heard. The experience, taken as a whole sits just at the edge of abstraction, asking the viewer to question what they see, what they hear, how they relate to one another, and more fundamentally, how surroundings are perceived and how one makes sense of them.



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