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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2008 (PC020403.04) ➔ Be Your Own Protagonist


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Meng Hsun Wu (photographer)


May 2008


My intention of this work is to create a series of images which refer to using still-movie photos in place of an actual movie. I document myself performing the roles of movie actors enabling me fulfill a childhood dream of mine, which is: “I want to be an actor”. I have chosen to use still photos by incorporating special visual effects, and characterize my self in the story line, I am able to fulfill, and live out my fantasy.In these movie stills, I put myself in the photos as the leading character to portray a number of generic, cross-cultural roles. An audience can re-experience the sentiments elicited from a movie without seeing the movie itself. The reason why I use still photos in place of a movie is because I think that still photos are an artistic element in cinematography; while it also transmits information and a story,I use still photos that look like they are taken from a movie to create an interactive relation between the audience and the artwork. The difference between a movie and the movie still photos I have created for the viewer is that each viewer will get a different story or ending from these single frames of narrative still photos. The story is no longer predetermined. From the open-ended still photo I have provided, each viewer can imagine a different beginning and ending of the story, depending on their individual mindset.



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