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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2008 (PC020403.04) ➔ Elemental


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Mark William Fernandes (photographer)


May 2008


Elemental, my present work, deals with recurrent themes based on time and space, tracing the role that space inhabits during the creation of memory. A central aspect to my work is the regaining of lost memory by (re-) activating space. To me, fragile memory is the sum of details accompanying important events which are translated into memory. Due to the human nature these details are likely to being erased, since events are compressed into a single besides the more obvious elements that are remembered. Through the aid of my camera as well as with digital manipulation I attempt to illustrate and defy my fear of forgetting. Shot entirely on a digital medium1, Elemental takes place in Goa/India 2. My grandmother, Maria Soares de Almeida is the inspiration for this ongoing body of work: In her altered state of mind, heavily controlled by Alzheimers, she reconstructs events out of fragmented recollections from her past. To continue and extend our rich relationship I had to learn to interact with her again by giving up my perceptions of time and space as well as my notions of what is supposed to be real and what is not.



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