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Parsons School of Design MFA Photography program theses2008 (PC020403.04) ➔ Second Nature


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Parsons School of Design. Photography Department. (sponsoring body)
Kyung Mi Park (photographer)


May 2008


Several years ago, I became interested in taking abstract pictures of cracks in buildings' walls and the surfaces of streets. I started picturing what they were, these lines and textures, without any theme or rules. Last summer, I made a departure from this project by starting to take pictures of the places people generally consider to be ‘nature’ in New York City. I was interested in the relationship between man-made places and natural places that both exist where I live. Everywhere I shot was a space within New York City, such as a park, cemetery, or zoo, which people had dedicated to nature. However, all of these places were defined by the needs that humans have for nature and were, as a result, man-made (not strictly natural or organic) places. I began to think about where human spaces ended and where ‘pure’ nature —unaltered landscape or places untouched by humans— began and how the boundary between the two is often difficult to find. For example, when I was taking pictures for this project at Jones Beach in Long Island, I saw a ‘no-trespassing’ sign that designated a protected area for birds. Yet, that area was filled with trash and other signs that humans had crossed the boundary.



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