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Yusen Wu (designer)
Jesse Alexander Madden Harding (thesis advisor)
Louisa Campbell (thesis advisor)


May 2 2020


“Think, Feel, Relax” is an interactive art installation that helps participants recognize their current emotional status, and then gives them a chance to experience their feelings and let them go. The installation is a dome with color animations projected on it, and people sit under it with a plush covered ball as a controller. First, the participants have to think and choose their feelings by moving the ball left and right. Their feelings decide the colors of the projection. As a result, they can have an immersive, meditative experience to feel their current emotional status and to interact with the ball, such as petting it, throwing it up and down, etc. to change the shapes of the color animations that are projected on the dome. After the whole process, they will feel relaxed and positive emotions will feel elevated. The color projections and the rhythm of the changing shapes guide participants to think about and experience their current emotions. The dome protects them and gives them a moment to pause, to slow down their whirring mind, to provide a space to feel their feelings and name them, so as to lessen stress.

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