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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2020 (PC020402.20) ➔ Canada Goose: Origin


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Yanzhe Wu (designer)
Jessie Contour (thesis advisor)
Sven Travis (thesis advisor)
Jessica Marshall (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)


May 5 2020


Using virtual reality and immersive storytelling, this project invites people to think about the relationship between humans and other species in cities. Building on a dynamic narrative, players will explore a virtual world from the point of view of a Canada goose (Branta canadensis). When geese are mentioned, people usually think of words like “dumb,” “funny” and “naughty.” In the virtual experience, players will see the conflict between Canada geese and local people through the vision of one goose. Through players’ exploration, a mystery in the park will be gradually revealed. Players will learn about the human activities that turned migratory geese into resident geese 100 years ago. Through a playful yet poignant experience, this project encourages players to care about other species in city development. This is also an experiment in VR experience design. What are the unique elements that VR can provide? How can one create immersiveness through design in VR? How can one convey an idea through a VR RPG(Role-playing game)? What is different between VR games and video games? This project gives some answers to these questions through a series of prototypes and iterations. Oculus Quest is used in this project as the development platform.

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