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Yue Wang (designer)
Jess Irish (thesis advisor)
Danielle A. Jackson (thesis advisor)
Mattie Brice (thesis advisor)
Andrew Zornoza (thesis advisor)


May 2 2020


A Week With Kiki is an immersive VR experience designed to provide prospective cat owners with better information about pet care by virtually experiencing the situations one faces when taking care of a pet. Statistics indicate that people often underestimate the responsibilities of owning a cat. With the development of new immersive technologies, my partner, Yingchia Liu and I believe virtual reality can be used to allow prospective pet owners to learn by completing tasks and understand the experience of owning a pet. By creating an immersive environment, we hope that virtual reality can be an alternative way of learning. This project is specifically designed for prospective cat owners who have no experience in cat keeping. We hope it can provide shelters and animal protection communities with tools that simulate common pet problems, offer a new way to deliver necessary information and experience to users, and help better train potential owners to provide a better living environment for pets.

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