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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2020 ➔ Calendar Collective


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Kalyani Jayant Tupkary (designer)
Richard The (thesis advisor)
Anna Harsanyi (thesis advisor)
Liza Stark (thesis advisor)


May 3 2020


Calendars increasingly play a fundamental role in establishing our everyday rhythms, shaping our consciousness of temporality. But these tools are not neutral. They codify values and behavior while obscuring the politics of time embedded in their representation. After all, how we represent time affects how we conceptualize time. Calendar Collective is a living archive of alternate calendars that proposes unfamiliar ways of occupying time. It challenges the normative understanding of time as linear, neutral and objective. These calendars are used not just to tell but to think about time. There are latent temporalities in the world of which our calendar represents only one. Today when the pandemic is forcing us to live in an unreal time in a real-time world, where synchronized, standardized time systems are no longer possible, these calendars brace us for alternate realities by responding to the polyrhythms that exist in society. The accompanying voicemails are a reminder that complex socio-cultural systems based on alternate temporal thought have existed and still do.

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