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Huimin Hu (designer)
Kyle Li (thesis advisor)
Harpreet Sareen (thesis advisor)


May 3 2020


Artificial intelligence(AI) has become more and more important in revolutionizing people's daily life. In this thesis project, I am proposing a novel approach to integrate AI with modern design. Specifically, with the help of machine learning, we can generate diversify and optimized wireframes automatically that are driven by users' preferences and needs. This novel AI-driven wireframe design approach can significantly reduce the time UX designers spend on wireframing, improve their productivity, and also strengthen their final output. My deliverables conclude a persona and scenario and a working prototype demonstrating the target user and use cases of my approach that can be delivered to data scientists and engineers to develop a functional product. My research on AI technology and target user also demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of this approach.

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