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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2020 ➔ interface automata: Game-like Interactive Simulation


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Zihao Chen (designer)
Harpreet Sareen (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)


May 3 2020


With the increasing use of sensors, connected technology and artificial intelligence, systematic and agent-based design thinking emerged in a wide variety of fields. As they are versatile enough to serve different purposes and demands, a vision of the near future is also enabled where people interact with machines that have their own agencies and are able to react to the environments. In this project, a simulation game was built to explore how interfacing machines with autonomous behaviors would influence people’s experience. With abilities such as actively merging with each other and operating themselves even without human interactions, the fictional visual, auditory and haptic interfaces in the simulation form feedback loops and create an immersive environment. People will interact with the interface automata through a touchscreen and learn about the rules behind the scene. In the same time of feeling the agency in each interface, players are also encouraged to develop their own gameplay.

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