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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2019 ➔ Sensorial Artifacts for Air-pocalypse


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Chavisa Rojratanadumrong (designer)
Harpreet Sareen (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


The human sensory system is a powerfully designed barrier between our body and the surrounding environment. It helps detect and distinguish good from bad environment in order for the body to survive. It is undeniable that alongside our evolution and technology, we have equally changed our way of life as much as our surrounding environment. Our survival needs must change to help us adapt to the inevitable environment, such as air pollution. The process of adaptation to this changing environment might not be fast enough for all to survive. With this concern in mind, Sensorial Artifacts showcases sensory enhancement wearable interfaces in the context of air-apocalypse situations by making the air toxicity more tangible to wearers. The aim is to tap into the apathy of people around this critical topic and perhaps make them aware of the looming catastrophe.



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