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Neeraja Mathur (designer)
Jessica Irish (thesis advisor)
Danielle A. Jackson (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


We live in a time of near-constant connection to other human beings - whether in person or through our digital selves. It has indeed never been easier to communicate with those we love despite geographical distance. But why then is loneliness among the most pressing problems of the contemporary world? A little less lonely is a thesis about the specific feelings of loneliness triggered by moving away from home to a new country. It evaluates why the twenties are a particularly stressful period, why 20-somethings feel lonely, and what solutions might address this problem. The thesis culminates in the presentation of a 30-day challenge aimed at helping newcomers (to NYC) build a sense of familiarity and community in the city by performing activities at various locations of personal and/or public importance, and creating opportunities for in-person social interaction with strangers in the city, making connections where ordinarily there might not be.



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