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Nicole Lloyd (designer)
Katherine Moriwaki (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


What do our habits with our mobile devices say about the relationship we have with each other? How does our technofetishism change our perspective on our analog experiences? DIGITAL DOPPELGANGER is a multimedia series featuring a satirical digital prosthetic device to help facilitate interpersonal communication and an accompanying short narrative film. DIGITAL DOPPELGANGER solves the problem of choosing between the digital and physical world by serving as a physically simulated avatar of its host in order to maintain both physical and digital engagements. When activated, the artificial proxy will replicate learned forms of verbal and nonverbal conversational cues. The prosthetic exaggerates the gestures affiliated with trying to multitask with mobile devices, calling attention to ourselves both as instigators and as complacent recipients of these lack-luster interactions.



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