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Pratheek Irvathur (designer)
Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


‘Cycle of Conflict’ is an exploration of the nature of the religious conflict in South Canara. The region has experienced intense clashes between groups belonging to different religions (Hindus, Muslims and Christians) in the past 3 decades. Religious divide in India has had a long history, and the region of South Canara, that I come from has been often used an experimental grounds for various strategies to keep the conflict alive and manage public perception. In light of various sociological studies, the inception and the growth of this conflict is studied in the course of this project in order to device strategies to enable the populace mired in the conflict, find a way out. The conflict is studied through the construction of a mathematical model, that looks at how various factors influencing the conflict behave. Utilising this understanding of the conflict, various precedents that involved subversion of propagandist strategies were studied. Following this, responses were devised in the form of ‘publicly accessible art’, to re invoke in public memory, the bare realities of the conflict and the loss of life so as to counteract previously mentioned strategies.



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