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Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses2019 ➔ Elitist Spectales


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Wei Chung Jason Chen (designer)
Harpreet Sareen (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


Have you ever felt indifferent to everyday distressing situations that might have become invisible to you? Have we become too individualistic in modern society? Do we only see things that attract us or are advantageous to us? 
Elitist Spectacles is a critical and speculative wearable device that questions the lack of empathy in social contexts by utilizing algorithms to decide what the users should see. My goal is to criticize the phenomenon by maximizing one's antipathy: bringing the wearer into an elitist’s mind, letting them experience how an elitist thinks, how they make decisions and how they perceive the world.  
Originating from my personal connection to eyeglasses and in the exploration of sensory data, I have created a device that questions the empathy deficit phenomenon. 



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