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Ting Fang Cheng (designer)
Ernesto Klar (thesis advisor)


May 21 2019


Space Noir is a series of generated living spaces. Gradually, living space shapes our physical and mental selves. These floor plans, which are the most intimate spaces we live in every day, are generated randomly, continuously, and without care. Rooms without sunlight, kitchen in the corner, doors by extremely narrow hallways. 
 These awkward space arrangement might seem absurd but it could happen every time we enter an unfamiliar space and try to compromise on it. There are no designers behind it. These decisions are made randomly, continuously and without care like a piece of code. In this project, I create different sets of algorithm that generate floor plan of apartment, office cubicle, and neighborhood. From that, I select several floor plans to observe and propose the possible scenario of what would it be like to live in such space. These narrative drawings will be collected into a zine.



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