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Lin Sun (designer)
Colleen Macklin (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
David Carroll (thesis advisor)


May 17 2018


Before creating this project, I always think about these three issues: what is the patterned life?how to get off the patterned life?why have we get off the patterned life?I want to talk a little bit about the background of the project that I want to do. Before coming to United State, I had a very comfortable life with a well-payed job, stable network contacts, and a lot of great friends. However, I gradually felt that I was “patterned” by this comfortable environment. Everything is stable and safe, which makes me feel “unsafe.” Therefore, I made an important decision-- going out of this comfort zone and exploring a fresh new life. Afterward, I quit the job, that all other people are dreaming to get. I came to United States and became a student in Parsons. I spent a lot of my savings on the tuition and started to learn English. Language problem, unfamiliar environment, very few friends, and cultural difference are the difficult obstacles I was facing, but I was still very proud that I made the most correct decision in my life. Therefore, I want to use my personal experience to create this animation, and encourage other people to fight their “patterned lives”.



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