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Danielle Sobel (designer)
Aya Karpinska (thesis advisor)
Loretta Wolozin (thesis advisor)
John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Mark Stafford (thesis advisor)


May 17 2018


Impulse is a Chrome extension designed for’s transaction interface and developed for the Chrome browser. Impulse helps compulsive buyers improve their financial behavior through self-contained decision-making strategies. These strategies are based in part on research in the genre of behavioral design. The extension focuses on individuals whose online-spending behavior is such a serious concern that such individual’s financial future is in doubt. Impulse examines the strategies that alters an individual’s behavior. Impulse deters users from habitual online spending by slowing down buying processes or interfaces that are typically immediate during the purchase-making process. In essence, Impulse will make the user spend less. This design document describes the design process through iterative prototyping, user-testing, and research.



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