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Junyao Liu (designer)
Chris Romero (thesis advisor)
Ethan Silverman (thesis advisor)


May 17 2018


I would like to create an experience which combines video and interactive design to create an uncomfortable atmosphere that shows the Asian female's situation in modern society. Through the experience, I hope to specify my idea that the primary task of gender equality in Asia is women's self-awakening. I hope audiences can become aware that the culture in Asia has some misunderstanding of gender equality through the videos, sounds, and uncomfortable atmosphere created by the installation. I believe the biggest problem for the contemporary Asian female is that she is not aware of her plight. In fact, women themselves are responsible for their own disadvantaged status in today's society. I want to utilize this project to make Asian women aware of their struggles. When women understand the full impact of gender inequality, they will work to change their situation. Ultimately, women must be allowed to respect themselves and gain respect from the patriarchal society.



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